Curious about Flirty Girl and the Boudoir but have some questions? I had a hunch that might be the case. Here’s everything you wanted to know but might have been afraid to ask:

How do appointments work at the Boudoir?

Making an appointment to visit the Flirty Girl Boudoir is easy. Call or email and we will talk about what you’re looking for, why you’re coming to Flirty Girl and figure out whether an appointment alone or with your girlfriends is the right choice.

If it’s a solo visit, I’ll email you a bunch of questions in advance for you to start thinking about. We will answer the questions together at your appointment and find the perfect product, idea or solution to whatever you need.

If it’s a girls night out, we’ll just have fun and you and your friends can explore everything the Boudoir has to offer – lingerie, toys, ideas, discover it all.

All appointments are custom tailored to your needs. Most appointments last between 30-60 minutes and there is no pressure to buy. It’s your time. If you just want to talk, I’ll listen and offer advice. If you’re intrigued by things I show you, then you can walk out with products in-hand. The choice is entirely yours.

When is a good time to come to the Boudoir?

Anytime! I work around your schedule. If you’re looking for a good excuse to book a visit, here’s a list:

  • Your husband’s birthday
  • Your anniversary
  • Couples-only trip on the books
  • Date night
  • It’s a Tuesday (Just kidding. But seriously, do you really need a reason to have an awesome sex life? Definitely. Not.)

What’s available at the Boudoir?

A carefully curated collection of items designed to make sex something you love to do including:

  • The most effective and luxurious sex toys, specifically selected to enhance couples play
  • Fun, flirty and feminine lingerie
  • Jewelry that doubles as play toys
  • Accessories for light bondage or role play, if desired

The one thing that’s not available at the Flirty Girl Boudoir? Phallic toys. My point-of-view is that you already have a penis at your disposal so you don’t need to buy one from me. No weird dildos or enormous penises. Just fun, sexy products designed to be used with your partner (or solo).

Prices range from $15-$200 so there’s something for everyone. It’s the ultimate feminine escape where your pleasure is the most important thing on the menu. 

What methods of payment do you accept?

Flirty Girl is non-judgemental…credit cards, checks and cash are all accepted. 

I don’t want the community knowing what I like to do or what I buy…is my appointment confidential?

YES! Think of me as your rabbi, priest, lawyer or doctor. I vehemently safeguard the privacy of my clients. All conversations discussed between me and my clients are 100% confidential and will never be shared. My intention is for you to feel like the Flirty Girl Boudoir is your safe place where you can be totally real and honest because you feel secure knowing it’s just you and me and no one else.

What if I don’t live in the NY Metro area? Can I still experience the Flirty Girl Boudoir? 

Great news…I offer Skype appointments! We pick a mutual time, get on the computer together and have the same kind of appointment as if you were in the Boudoir with me. I show you what I think will work based on our in-depth conversation and I ship you any purchases you make. Super easy!

Have more questions? Email or call: /  (917)-846-7807


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