Boudoir Photoshoots

“Hi! Just got the book!!! It is beautiful, stunning and everything I was hoping for!!!! Thank you for making this gift (for my husband) possible! Words can not express this experience, it truly was life changing…” 

“Thank you…for helping pull together the photo shoot for my husbands birthday gift, it was so much fun doing it and I loved the way it all came together! …it was the best thing I could have done, thank you…for making me feel comfortable to do it!”

Toys, Consults and More

“I just sent my first naughty pic to my husband…I can’t believe I just did that but it feels AMAZING!”

“Talking to Brooke is like having coffee or a glass of wine with your best friend. She customizes every recommendation (from lingerie to toys to date-night ideas) to suit your needs, wants, lifestyle and goals.”

“Um…thank you! I used my new toy and it was AWESOME!!!!! Thank you ;)” 

“After meeting with Brooke and implementing her suggestions, I have begun to reap incredible rewards and am starting to think of myself as a true “flirty girl.”  The effects transcend every aspect of my life: my friends remark about my growing confidence and constant glow, I am a much better wife and mother and I find myself really looking forward to starting each and every day.” 

“…I actually have no words. Have never used anything like it and it was insane. Best part is how it gets warm. Genius!”

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